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Die Stiftung Nord-Süd-Brücken (The North-South Bridges Foundation)

The Stiftung Nord-Süd-Brücken was created in 1994 as a politically independent, private, non-profit foundation. Its capital of 17 million euros came from the assets of the Solidaritätskomitee (Solidarity Committee) of the former East Germany.

Goals and Activities

The aim of the foundation’s work is to contribute to a more just world and to combat the causes of poverty. It supports manifestations of practiced solidarity and promotes processes of empowered development in Africa, Latin America, and Asia.
The foundation achieves these goals through the financial support of development-related projects in Germany and abroad implemented by East German non-profit organizations and through the provision of consultation services to these NGOs. The principles underlying this support are the strengthening of existing development potentials and initiatives as well as the encouragement of emancipatory approaches and movements. The foundation – as a unique democratic project of East German citizens’ action groups – promotes dialogue and exchange between people from the North and the South. The focus is on mutual learning about societies, cultures, and self-determined ways of living.
The foundation works toward reaching these aims by participating in campaigns on development and peace issues. It support civil society involvement in the former East German federal states, particularly through educational and public relations work by NGOs as well as the expansion and consolidation of the networks within the federal states. Wherever possible and necessary, the foundation represents the interests of East German NGOs vis-à-vis the German federal government and the East German federal states. As an independent actor, the foundation also plans and designs its own domestic projects.


The working style of the Stiftung Nord-Süd-Brücken is consciously democratic and participative. Its governance committees, the 15-member Foundation Council and the 5-member Board, are made up of dedicated honorary members: representatives of NGOs, development experts, and delegates of the East German federal states. The foundation bases its portfolio management on ethical criteria and promotes corresponding initiatives.

Please note that applications and communication are conducted exclusively in German.